At the MIFA 2017, 3DVF, the largest French-language community portal for digital images and creation, discovered Instant Terra.

Here is a translation of the article from French:

“The MIFA, the professional side of the Annecy Festival, is an opportunity every year to discover new technologies. The 2017 edition allowed us to meet Wysilab, a French company based in Montpellier. It is currently working on the development of Instant Terra, a 3D terrain creation tool for video games, animation, and VFX.

Concretely, Instant Terra relies on the height maps – vector displacement maps – which makes it possible to easily import the terrains in current 3D tools. The co-founders – Marianna Calva and Alexis Vaisse – are from the video game industry (they both worked at Ubisoft): a legacy that is reflected in the main strength of Instant Terra, namely the real-time preview of the lands created, even in the highest resolutions (32k, even 64k).

Still in private beta, Instant Terra will be launched in public beta in the fall, then in final version by the end of the year. The licenses will be offered for purchase, with prices adapted to the size of the client, and rental for flexibility.

The addition of scattering tools is expected in the long term: a next major release will allow, among other things, to manage the vegetation. An official website is already in place and you can be notified of the launch of the public beta.”