Kirill Tokarev from 80Level interviewed Alexis Vaisse and Marianne Calva, the co-founders of Wysilab about their new terrain creation tool for games. Developed by Ubisoft veterans who wanted to create accessible and powerful landscape modeling tool, the article announces that Instant Terra is now in beta, and recommends that users check it out.

The interview describes Alexis and Marianne’s extensive experience and expertise in the video-game industry and their previous projects within Ubisoft.

Stumped by the limited, slow, and complex tools that exist, they founded the idea of Instant Terra on the desire to meet these new challenges, leading us to embark on the adventure of starting a business with a purpose: to provide a new user experience with a terrain generation tool based on innovative technologies sweeping the limits.

The interview goes on to describe Instant Terra’s multitude of features for creating realistic terrains including erosion simulation, painting a mask directly in the 3D view…

The co-founders are convinced that Instant Terra will change your way of working!