E-tribArt Institute, offering professional training from software learning to the analysis of sophisticated techniques, promotes Instant Terra:

Discover a new 3D production tool: Instant Terra. Dedicated to video game studios, CGI and VFX, this is a 3D terrain creation tool that increases your productivity and creativity.

With this tool, it is possible to create your terrain quickly and transparently, regardless of its size. The size and the resolution are unlimited. Interesting features include real-time preview and high-speed production.

Based on innovative technologies, Instant Terra offers some advantages:
Unlimited size and resolution: Do not let your computer determine the maximum size of your terrain.
Your terrain can contain billions of quads: the software remains fluid.
Full-screen, real-time preview: modify a parameter and display the result immediately.
No preview window: the result is already visible in your main window.
Ultra-fast production: your terrain is ready and you now want to use it for the rest of your production. Instant Terra generates terrains much faster than existing solutions.

The workflow is seamless, even with billions of vertices. Master your creative process: The full-screen preview is updated in real time, even at the highest resolutions. You can generate your terrain up to 20 times faster than any procedural tool.

Contribution: Create your own terrain from scratch and use the different nodes to build it, or you can import your own land and work on it.
Operations: Instant Terra is a nodal tool. It offers non-destructive design updates, reuse and automated realism.
Realism: simulate the natural effects of weather, such as erosion of the rain or erosion of the wind. Your terrain seems realistic because it has aged according to the natural laws of geophysics.
Compatibility: Terra’s instant export is compatible with all major formats and you can easily work on your terrain with your usual DCC, such as 3DS Max or Maya.

Instant Terra is developed by the studio Wysilab, created by Alexis Vaisse and Marianne Calva. Alexis previously worked at Ubisoft and has 20 years of experience in software development for digital creation in the video game industry. He is both an expert programmer and a project manager. Marianne Calva has worked for more than 15 years working in software companies and has also spent the last 10 years at Ubisoft. As associate producer, she was responsible for organizing and monitoring the project, technical documentation, and communication within the projects.

To learn more about Instant Terra, visit the dedicated website!