Wysilab’s Blog

Wysilab exhibits at MIFA 2017 in Annecy
Wysilab exhibited at the MIFA festival, the global reference for animation films, and presented live demos of Instant Terra. Read more.
Composing terrains video demo
Wysilab's video shows how to use the Full terrain composition node to place a small terrain inside a larger terrain. Read more.
Wysilab receives an innovation loan
Wysilab received support from Créalia in the form of the Innovation loan for its new generation of 3D ultra-fast tools. Read more.
Neozone interviews Wysilab
Neozone's freelancer interviewed the Wysilab co-founders and published an article on Instant Terra in the cinema section. Read more.
Wysilab exhibits at GDC 2017
Wysilab presented Instant Terra at the Game Developers Conference, the world's largest professional game industry event. Read more.
Wysilab presents Instant Terra
With Instant Terra, create any size of terrain fast & seamlessly, with a full-screen, real-time preview, and ultra-fast generation. Read more.