Unreal Engine 4 / Unreal Engine 5

Compatible with Unreal Engine 4.26 & 4.27 & Unreal Engine 5 .0

Initialize your terrain in Unreal Engine.
Edit your terrain in Instant Terra and define the different layers you need.
In one click, terrain and layers are ready in Unreal Engine.
It’s that simple!

create project

Initialize your terrain in Unreal Engine*.


Open the project in Instant Terra.

*You can also start with an existing Instant Terra project and make it compliant with Unreal Engine in one click.

send to unreal terrain layers

Edit your terrain in Instant Terra.

The terrain size is already defined according to the settings in Unreal Engine.
Use Instant Terra's powerful features to create the terrain you want.

Define layers

Add landscape layers in Instant Terra
and assign a mask to each one.

Send to Unreal

Send the terrain and the layers to Unreal Engine.

Instant Terra can create the Landscape material if you wish. You’ll be able to handle and edit it afterwards.

Terraini n Unreal Engine

And here's the result after the shaders are compiled.

Need some changes? Update the terrain in Instant Terra and iterate!

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