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New terrain generators: Ridged noise and Billowy noise.

These noises are standard modifications of the Perlin noise algorithm. They produce sharp discontinuities and patterns that resemble crests or creases. They are often used to create hills and mountains.

Work with color maps on your terrains!

Load an RGB texture either from an existing file or one generated in Instant Terra and use it as a color map on a terrain. If you mix two terrains, each with a color map, the color maps are also mixed.

Generate masks based on orientation…

… or on curvature.

Generate a mask based on the curvature of the terrain. High curvature points are located at the terrain depressions and low curvature ones are located at terrain peaks. Zero curvature represent parts of the surface where the slope is constant. This operator is often used when texturing the terrain.

Disable a node in a graph to make it easier to test with and without a node.

View a terrain as a mask.

Use Min & Max nodes for terrain composition.

See What’s new in Instant Terra v1.1 for details on the new nodes and features.