Wysilab has released Instant Terra v1.7 with several new features and nodes:

  • An enhanced terrain display and user interface improve your workflow.
  • New nodes are available to multiply terrains and output an input node’s size information.
  • The C++ API’s live link connects with your engine or tools.
  • New algorithms for erosion simulation let you create stunning results.
  • List parameter values, switch on/off parameters, & manipulators can now be used for your components.
  • The Python / C# API is improved with new methods.

Improved user experience

Change the terrain sides color gradient using the color picker.

Insert an existing node or a new node into a link.

Duplicate a node with all its input links with Ctrl+left mouse button.

What’s new in erosion?

Hydraulic erosion: No more aligment effect
The hydraulic erosion’s advanced algorithm generates erosion that doesn’t follow the world axes, which is often the case, providing results with more realism and diversity.

Sedimental smoothing: A new type of erosion
Generate the effect of sediment deposition due to terrain weathering during the simulation at realistic locations with the Sedimental smoothing erosion node.

Generate different flow maps based on the terrain slopes and water accumulation without calculating erosion simultaneously. Your flow map is ready in no time.

Multi erosion: Combine different types of erosion

Combine the different erosion nodes with the multi-erosion component, which applies a multi-scale logic.
Now available in our library for terrains 1k x 1k (requires Instant Terra 1.7).
A generic version for terrains of any size will be available soon.

New nodes

The Size information node is useful when creating components! It outputs the input node’s width & height and quad size.
The new Multiply node multiplies two input terrains at each vertex. This option is already available to multiply masks.


You can now add an on/off component parameter and a parameter list to your components.
Manipulators are now available on components for translation, rotation, and scaling.

Live link – API C++

Python & C# API

Use this new API to view your terrain dynamically in your game engine while working in Instant Terra.

No more need to export / import your data to get the updates.
Documentation C++ API

New method to add links: Graph.add_link
New methods to create a component node (instance) from an existing component (template):
Graph.add_node_from_model, and

Documentation Python/C# API