Run your own scripts with custom nodes

Python scripts

Create Python scripts and integrate your favorite software, tools, and scripts into Instant Terra.
With Python scripts you can:

  • Run any Python script.
  • Customize your export or import.
  •  Import data (xml, JSON, or other format), for example parameters used as settings in other nodes.
  • Run scripts to launch external software, and retrieve the results.

GPU scripts

Run your GPU scripts using Instant Terra’s high performance, ultra-fast calculations.
With GPU scripts you can:

  • Create generator nodes as well as tranformation nodes or composition nodes.
  • Handle as many input and output terrains and masks as you needed.
  • Use manipulators (translation, scale, rotation).

What else is new in version 1.8?

Swirl distortion

Distort your terrain with a swirl effect.
Set the location of the center of the effect and define the swirl angle to apply.

User interface

Nodes that are not real-time computed now show a progress bar. This concerns all the erosion nodes and any component using erosion nodes. Custom nodes based on Python scripts can also show a progress bar.

Gamma correction node

This node adds a gamma correction to correct the mask luminance.

C# / Python API (Instant Terra Pro only)

New option to hide the interface.
You can now run the API without opening the Instant Terra’s window.