World browser – Get much more detailed regions!

Select additional data sources and get access to highly detailed digital elevation models.

Instant Terra 2.1

Somewhere in Arizona with Instant Terra 2.1’s world browser

“With Instant Terra 2.1, I can download regions with a resolution more than 50 times better than before, that’s just amazing!”

Regions with Instant Terra 2.0
Regions with Instant Terra 2.1

Regions with Instant Terra 2.0

Regions with Instant Terra 2.1

Wireframe instant Terra 2.0
Wireframe instant Terra 2.1
Regions with instant Terra 2.0
Regions with instant Terra 2.1

In Instant Terra 2.1 you will also find …

Blur and Warp nodes

Terrain using warp and blur nodes

Example of terrain using a combination of Blur and Warp nodes to bring variations on the final result.

Blur nodes

Several new nodes are provided for many different blur effects on the terrains, masks, or color maps.
BlurBlur effectDirectional blurVector blur

Blur nodes

Blur effect with “Zoom out” option

Warp nodes

New warp nodes are now available for more effects on your terrains, masks, or color maps.
Streching warp4-direction warp

Warp nodes

Flatten edges node for easier compositions

The Flatten edges node is a great help when composing terrains.

Composition without Flatten edges
Composition with Flatten edges

Standard composition of terrains.

Composition after using the Flatten Edges node on the smaller terrain

Improvements on erosions

A new option has been added to the Hydraulic erosion and to the Mountain erosion.
The “Automatic scale” option optimizes the results for terrains with a quad size different from 1 meter.

Erosion options

UI / UX corner

Graph editor

You can now duplicate a link: use Ctrl + Click on the input connector to create the new link.

Duplicate link
Move links

You can now move several links:
Use Shift + Click on the output connector to move the links from one node to another.

You can now swap two links using the contextual menu or the X key.

Swap links

Animation window

Repetitive paste: It is now possible to duplicate several times a set of keys from one or several tracks.

Animation - Repetitive paste