Wysilab has released the intermediate v1.2.5 of Instant Terra.

Cellular noise terrain generator node

Instant Terra v1.2.5 introduces a cellular noise generator that uses the Voronoï regions to create bumps, flats, and cells.

Improvements on the Perlin noise, Billowy noise, and Ridged noise generators

We have improved the three noise generators to choose between a squared and smooth level of noise. The Smooth noise is recommended except in particular circumstances.

Improved Perlin noise
Improved Billowy noise
Improved Ridged noise

Control rock erosion by a mask

Paint erosion directly in a terrain using a mask. Most parameters from any node can be driven by a mask. Now available for rock erosion, you can paint the mask on your terrain to control the effects of the erosion. The erosion is calculated in real time while painting.

New color map features

Instant Terra v1.2.5 includes the following color map features:

– Create a color map from a terrain and a color ramp.

– Blend color maps.

– Visualize color maps in the 3D view before exporting them.

New predefined color ramps

Five new color ramps, Arctic, Coastal cliff, Arizona, Forest hill, and Savanna are included in the new release and an updated Desert color ramp.

Create color ramps from any input image

The color ramp node now has a Pick color gradient option that allows you to draw a segment anywhere on the screen, including outside the Instant Terra window. A color ramp is automatically created from the colors under the segment.

Export all nodes

Now you can export in a single click all the export nodes present in the graph.