We are very pleased to release the “lockdown version” of Instant Terra, which was mainly developed while Wysilab was working from home. Congratulations to the whole team, who did a great job in conditions that are not always easy, to succeed in releasing this colorful version today.

Color your terrains in 2 clicks

Paint your terrains in two clicks using our pre-defined themes or your own selection of colors. The colors are positioned automatically according to the terrain’s typology for a most realistic effect.

Play with our 15 pre-defined themes in the Colorize node to achieve your result, or use your own color settings in the Advanced Colorize node.

Color maps and distorsion

Distort directly your color maps using the new Swirl, Warp, Directional Warp and Vector Warp color map nodes.


Integrate color maps in terrain distortions. The existing Swirl, Warp, Directional Warp and Vector Warp terrain nodes now also include the terrain’s color map in their distortion effects.


Create new effects on terrains and masks

A new Terrace node is now available. It generates a number of terraces on your entire terrain, or on part defined by the optional input mask.


A similar effect is applied on masks using the new Cutout node.

Paint masks with a constant elevation

A “Constant value” brush is now available in the Painted mask node. With this new brush, you can define (or pick) a constant elevation and alter your terrain elevation. The elevation change can be restricted to level up or down only, if needed.

Drag & drop any supported image file into Instant Terra to generate automatically a terrain, mask, or color map import node.

Drag & drop any supported file into the “file selection” area of the Import or Export nodes to take this file into account automatically.

Cache a terrain, mask, or color map (Pro only)

Add a Save Point node to cache a terrain, mask, or color map. When opening the project, the upstream nodes do not need to be recomputed as long as no change impacts the result of the cached data.

And much more!


New Constant Color node that defines a color. Use it as optional color parameter in other nodes.

User experience

New shortcut T for Top view to view the terrain or mask from the top. Also available in the View menu.

Each node model has its own shortcut that you can use directly in the graph editor. For example, type NNP (Node > Noise > Perlin) to generate a Perlin Noise Node in the graph editor.

Custom nodes

Improvements on the GPU custom nodes with the option to update the color maps alone or in a terrain.


New Apply mask node that applies and views the mask of a terrain as a color map. New Constant Mask node that creates a mask from a given value.


New Select node that accepts a dynamic number of inputs and lets you define the output among all the inputs. Useful for testing purposes or inside components.

C# & Python API (Pro only)

New functions are available to determine if a node is activated or deactivated and change its status.



New Component color Input, Component color output, and Component color parameter nodes.
Improved Component list parameter node with the values being displayed as a list, radio buttons, or image thumbnails.
New visibility options: The parameters can now be hidden or disabled on specified conditions.