Wysilab’s Blog

Wysilab releases v1.7
Instant Terra v1.7 is released with an improved user experience, new erosion algorithms, new nodes and component parameters, and more. Read more.
Instant Terra Showreel 2019
See some of the latest terrains created with Instant Terra by artists who shared their work with us. Read more.
Instant Terra to Unreal Engine 4: a video tutorial
Watch our video tutorial on how to work in Unreal Engine 4 with a terrain made in Instant Terra. Read more.
Bridge to Unreal Engine – Breakdown
This is the final terrain viewed in Unreal Engine, that has been used in our tutorial video “Quickstart: Instant Terra Read more.
Mountain erosion node video
Watch how to simulate fluvial erosion & rock weathering over time. Control the erosion strength and the shape of the Read more.
Download Wysilab’s new component libraries
Two new ready-to-use component libraries are available to use in your Instant Terra project. Read more.
Meet Wysilab at Siggraph 2019
Come and meet us in booth #1110, July 28 - August 1, and request a private demo of Instant Terra... Read more.
Wysilab releases Instant Terra v1.6
Wysilab has released the next version Instant Terra with high-rez color maps, water properties... Read more.
Alexander Alza tests Instant Terra Pro
Alexander created some quick terrains using erosion simulation, masks, and generators. Read more.
France Bleu features Instant Terra
The radio station broadcast an emission this morning introducing Instant Terra. Read more.