A little fresh water to start the summer!

While waiting for the next release v1.13, freshen up with some new features.
Easily add water layers to create seas and lakes.
Combine them in 2 clicks to achieve different planes at different altitudes right where you want them.

The new color nodes
Water level & Advanced water level

Designed to be a natural complement to the Colorize and Advanced colorize nodes, the Water level & Advanced water level nodes add a level of water to your terrain to generate lakes or seas.

Instant Terra 1.12.5

Terrains after a Colorize node 

Terrains after a Colorize node and a Water level node.

The water elevation can be relative to the terrain global elevation, or you can set an accurate elevation in meter.
The blend between the two colors is driven by the elevation below the water level and the fall-off parameter value.


Water level

Use one the 10 color themes to color the water.

Advanced water level

Set your own colors for the deep ocean water and coastal water colors.

Note: These nodes can be used independently of the Colorize / Advanced colorize nodes. They use the current color map if any, or apply a default color map.

Create lakes at different altitudes!

By combining multiple Water level nodes with blend nodes and painted masks, you can easily create lakes at different altitudes.

New sample: Use case – Water level

From a given terrain, this sample demonstrates how to add bodies of water at different altitudes by playing with the new Water level nodes.
In this sample, a body of water is added to the valley and then 2 more are added at different altitudes.

This sample is installed with Instant Terra. You can open it and play with it in the Help > Samples menu.

New sample: use case - Snow

This sample demonstrates how the Snow and Advanced snow nodes work.
For a given terrain, explore the possibilities of the Snow and Advanced snow nodes.

This sample is installed with Instant Terra. You can open it and play with it in the Help > Samples menu.

Technical corner

More Python callback hooks

Four Python callback hooks about painted masks have been added to handle save and load events.


The complete list can be found here.