We released the last version while working remotely, like most of you. This new release was also cooked during this challenging period where communication and sharing are vital. We’ve made several improvements for all users, some of which target the most technical user profiles.

Summer Snow

The warmer days are coming! Cool down with Instant Terra v1.12 and its two new nodes: Snow and Advanced snow. Both nodes can be used with the Colorize or Advanced Colorize nodes or by themselves.

The Snow node: achieve realistic snow coverage in 2 clicks

Play with the lowest altitude and the deposition angle and easily achieve very satisfactory results.

The Advanced Snow node for maximum detail

Monitor your snow coverage, control all the details, and achieve a multitude of results with the Advanced snow node.

Multi blend: the most powerful way to blend!

Blending terrains or masks has never been so easy! 
Make your graphs much simpler and more readable using the new Multi Blend node.
Blend any number of terrains or masks with one single node as layers, instead of a series of blend or composition nodes that handle only 2 terrains or masks.
Disable layers and change their order.

Ergonomy corner

We’ve made some improvements to make your day-to-day use of Instant Terra easier.

Keep the aspect ratio when scaling terrains or masks with a Full Composition or a Transform node.

Edit the Color ramp value to get accurate results.

Use the Global settings to choose if a partially selected node is added or not to the rectangle selection.

A new handy shortcut: click Alt+left mouse button on a node, link, or connector to delete it and all the links attached to the connector.

What's new in nodes?

Has color map

This node retrieves the information if a terrain has or has not a color map.
When used with a Select node, switch from one to another branch of your graph based on the color map status.

Split color map

The Split color map node has an additional output: the alpha channel of the color map.
If the color map has no transparency, the alpha channel is white.

Technical corner

Python: callback hooksInstant Terra Pro only 

Callback hooks are now available to detect some events such as a completion of an import or export. The complete list can be found here.

Python & C# API – Instant Terra Pro only

  • The InstantTerra class now supports a timeout parameter to handle possible connection issues.
  • A new function is available to get the current version of Instant Terra.

Find all details in the API reference guide:  Python API reference | C# API reference

Lerp functions

GPU scripts: Lerp and LerpColor functions
These 2 new functions can be used in the GPU scripts and return an linear interpolation between 2 values or between 2 colors.
The Lerp function is also available in the Formula node.


The default folder used for the global components can now be changed and defined in the global settings.