World browser

Search for a location

Use the Search box to search for a specific location or enter its coordinates and view directly the place you are looking for.
For example, search for Mount Fiji in Instant Terra’s World browser.

Render the mountain with a 7-node project directly in Instant Terra.

Watch the final rendering In Clarisse on YouTube and what you could achieve.

Render terrain node

Export high-resolution images from Instant Terra

Use the new Render terrain node to generate and export RGB images from Instant Terra. For example, generate 4k x 4k images from the viewport.

Ramp colorize nodes

A new way to colorize your terrains

Two new Ramp colorize nodes based on a color ramp use landforms and altitude to create color:

Here is an example of the Ramp Colorize node in the default new project and with the default color ramp.

Sharpen terrain

Use the new Sharpen node to emphasize the details of your terrains. You can:

  • Set the intensity of the sharpening;
  • Adjust the size of the details to add.

UI / UX corner

Auto-reconnection after deleting a node

AncreNow when a node is deleted, the node before and after this node are automatically reconnected whenever they are compatible.

Auto-connection after creating a node

When creating a new node (press Tab to open the Smart menu), the new node is now automatically connected to the selected node whenever they are compatible.

Technical corner

Components: List parameters set as images can now be displayed in one or two columns.