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Wysilab presents Instant Terra on Radio Clapas

As part of a collaboration between the Ville-Métropole and CRLO’s Montpellier radio stations,  Campus Montpellier radio station, Divergence fm, and Clapas radio,  broadcast until the end of 2019 the portraits of 120 start-ups in the metropolis to show the attractiveness and dynamism of these innovative companies. Wysilab’s co-founders Alexis Vaisse and Marianne Calva were invited on Wednesday 18 December at 8.10 am on the morning show “Les Matinales” to present Instant Terra, the highest performance terrain-creation tool on the market. Listen to…

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Bridge to Unreal Engine – Breakdown

This is the final terrain viewed in Unreal Engine, that has been used in our tutorial video “Quickstart: Instant Terra to Unreal Engine 4”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaM1NAoCzSs Let’s see how to get this result, starting from Instant Terra. Use some generators and tune your terrain until you get the expected result in Instant Terra. Generate masks, they will be used to set your textures in Unreal Engine. Then export all: your terrain (as a height map), your masks and the color map.…

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