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dfm rendering
DFM Rendering has published some news about Instant Terra's last release.
Instant Terra 2.4: PBR materials now available!
Combine the best out of Instant Terra & Houdini's power for your terrains
New erosion nodes for a wider range of results. Thermal erosion multi-scale erosion, and mountain aging effect.
Unreal engine plugin instant terra
Creating terrains in Unreal Engine has never been so easy! Compatible with UE 4.26, UE 4.27 Preview, and UE 5
Instant Terra 2.2 now available! Download satellite images with your heighmaps for immediate stunning results.
Instant Terra 2.1
Instant Terra 2.1 now available! Additional data sources for much more detailed regions, new Blur and Warp nodes, improvements on
Wysilab: The Pandemic challenge for Instant Terra
Instant Terra 2.0
Instant Terra 2.0 now available! Animate terrains, masks and colors and generate a video directly from Instant Terra.
Instant Terra v1.15: Search for a location in the World Browser, export high-resolution images, colorize your terrain with ramps, sharpen