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We released the last version while working remotely, like most of you. This new release was also cooked during this
We are very pleased to release the “lockdown version” of Instant Terra, which was mainly developed while Wysilab was working
Instant Terra v1.10 introduces the new stamping features, and blend modes for a powerful composition facility!
Instant Terrra V1.9 offers new warp nodes, a tiling option for composition nodes, equalizer for noise generators, and more!
Instant Terra v1.8.5 comes with three new skins for the New Year! Which one is your favorite?
As part of a collaboration between the Ville-Métropole and CRLO's Montpellier radio stations,  Campus Montpellier radio station, Divergence fm, and
Run your own Python or GPU scripts in Instant Terra by using custom nodes. Use the new Swirl node to
Watch our video tutorial on how to use the multi-file export from Instant Terra to Unreal Engine then import the
Instant Terra v1.7 is released with an improved user experience, new erosion algorithms, new nodes and component parameters, and more.
See some of the latest terrains created with Instant Terra by artists who shared their work with us.