Wysilab’s Blog

Wysilab exhibits at GDC 2019 in San Francisco
Wysilab presented Instant Terra, Instant Terra Unlimited, and Instant Terra Pro at the Game Developers Conference. Read more.
Perpetual licenses now available*
Unleash your creativity with the new offers. *Revenue under $500k Read more.
Wysilab releases the Components Library
Wysilab provides you with some useful, ready-to-use components to use in your projects. Read more.
Come and meet us at GDC 2019
Wysilab is pleased to be present as a partner at this year’s @Official_GDC. Read more.
Wysilab releases Instant Terra v1.4
Use Components: create and share your own nodes with Instant Terra v1.4. Read more.
Dessignare Media promotes EOE created using Instant Terra
Mexican Dessignare Media promotes the release of EOE that uses Instant Terra's technology. Read more.
IamBigMax interviews Alexis on Instant Terra
An enthusiastic blogger interviews Alexis on 3D terrain creation ultra-fast using Instant Terra. Read more.
EOE uses Instant Terra’s technology
Midgar Studios releases Edge of Eternity using Instant Terra to create stunning landscapes. Read more.
Wysilab releases Instant Terra v1.3
Import meshes, browse your nodes in the Graph explorer, improved erosion, and more! Read more.
Sandstone scene demo
Watch our sandstone scene demo that takes you on a journey through rocky mountains and rivers. Read more.