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Wysilab releases Instant Terra v1.2.5
Work with a cellular noise generator that uses the Voronoï regions, drive erosion with a mask. Read more.
AFJV interviews Marianne Calva
AFJV, the French video-games agency, interviews Marianne Calva on the release of Instant Terra 1.2. Read more.
Instant Terra in the news: RenduRu blog
RenduRu promotes the release of Instant Terra v1.2. Read more.
CG Channel promotes Instant Terra v1.2
CG Channel promotes the release of Instant Terra v1.2. Read more.
Wysilab introduces rock erosion simulation
Instant Terra’s new feature simulates realistic rock erosion through a series of iterations on the entire terrain. Read more.
Instant Terra v1.2 now available!
Organize your graphs, drive your node parameters, rock erosion simulation, and much more! Read more.
Meet Wysilab at Siggraph 2018
Come and meet us and request a private demo of Instant Terra v1.2's new features. Read more.
Wysilab welcomed into the business innovation center
Wysilab and 21 other innovative start-ups were welcomed by Chantal Marion. Read more.
Wysilab’s team expands
Wysilab's team expands with the arrival of Jean-David Génevaux. Read more.
Cone node video tutorial
Watch our video tutorial on how to create conical elevation. Read more.