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Wysilab has uploaded a new video of a moorland-style terrain created in Instant Terra v0.6 and rendered in Unreal Engine.
Wysilab attended Slush 17, the world's leading start-up event uniting European start-ups, key investors, speakers, and academia.
Wysilab has released Instant Terra beta version 0.6. Download it from our website and create your terrains up to 8K
Download it from our website and create your terrains up to 8K x 8K. Monsoon teaser Monsoon-style terrain: a teaser
RenduRu, the largest information resource in Russia on computer graphics and 3D technologies, introduced the public beta version of Instant
Kazuki Sakamoto blog Published by Wysilab on October 5, 2017 A Japanese user successfully used Instant Terra to generate terrain
80 Level, the best source of information about the gaming industry and its recent trends, promotes Instant Terra's beta version
Wysilab has uploaded a teaser video of creating an Arizona-style terrain using the Slope, Painted mask, and Alpha blend nodes,
Wysilab's project video shows the accelerated creation an Arizona-style terrain using the node-based interface and rendered in Corona Renderer.
Wysilab's complete project video shows how you can paint a mask directly in the 3D view and immediately see the