Many new features and enhancements in this release!

Painted mask:

Stylus pen pressure and new brushes

Pen pressure

If you work with a graphics drawing tablet, you can now use pen pressure to drive the brush size and/or intensity.

Three different brushes available

Three different brush profiles are now available for a wider range of results.

Additionally, the brush profile currently used, based on the selected brush and the value of the Hardness parameter, is displayed in the parameters window.

Automatic upscaling

A natural complement to the World Browser, automatic upscaling is now available.

Use the automatic Upscaling node after importing your low-resolution regions.
The Upscaling node improves your low-resolution heightmaps and produces a higher-resolution terrain.

Low-resolution heightmap  (quad size: 30m)

Same heightmap after upscaling (quad size: 1m)

Use the Upscaling node along with a Colorize Satellite map node to render your terrain easily.

Low-resolution heightmap rendered with a Colorize Satellite map node.

Same terrain after applying an Upscaling node.

Soften terrains

Use the new Soften node to smooth your terrains. The effect can be applied over the entire terrain or driven by a mask. Add additional noises to the final result.
In this example, we use a gradient mask to apply the Soften effect.

Paths generator

The new Path node produces a mask containing a set of curves. Although this is mainly designed to position rivers on your flat terrains, different uses can be achieved with this new node.
In our sample, we provide three different ways to:
  • Generate a river in a rocky landscape
  • Generate a network of marshes
  • Generate a path around a lake

How will you use the Path generator?

In Instant Terra Pro v1.14, you'll also find...

Colorize Satellite map node enhancement

  • You can now control the contrast between the different theme colors.
  • Two additional outputs are added: the grass map corresponding to the first two theme colors and the rock map corresponding to the 3rd and 4th theme colors.

Colorize & Advanced Colorize nodes enhancement

You can now control the intensity of the contrast between the different colors of the theme.

Water level nodes: support of transparency

The Water level & Advanced Water level nodes have a new Transparency parameter. Play with it to get more transparent or more opaque water.

Mask from Flat Area

The new Mask from Flat Area is an easy way to detect the perfectly flat parts of your terrain, for example, lake positions.

UI / UX corner

Links control

Organize your complex graphs and make them more readable by adding Control points to your links.

Technical corner

C++ API (Instant Terra Pro only)

A new method is available for the C++ API (live link): Data:GetResolution. The complete list can be found here.