Wysilab has released Instant Terra v1.9 with several new features and nodes:

New Warp nodes

New Warp nodes are now available in addition to the existing Swirl node.

Warp node

The Warp node distorts a terrain or a mask based on the specified intensity and scale.

Directional Warp

The Directional warp node transforms a terrain or mask by another terrain or mask that determines the displacement at each vertex.

Vector Warp

The Vector Warp node distorts a terrain or mask by two inputs that determine the X and Y displacement at each vertex.

Composition with tiling

The Full Composition node, Full Composition with mask node, and Full mask composition node now have a new tiling option.

Equalizer for noises

You can now set the strength of each level of details in the Perlin noiseBillowy noiseRidged noise, and Cellular noise terrain generators by using an equalizer to generate different effects.

Painted mask based on input mask

You can now initialize your painted mask from an input mask.

File name parameter

The file name nodes are now available and can be used:

Zoom camera – Control the speed

Adjust the speed of the camera zoom by pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys while scrolling the mouse.

Set the default speed of the zoom in the Camera settings window.