Wysilab has released Instant Terra v1.10 with several new features and nodes:

Crater generator

A new crater generator node to use with the stamping feature.
Define its dimensions and depth, try different seeds for variations, spread it on your terrains using the stamping feature, or place it on your base terrain using the Blend or Full Composition nodes.

Blend modes

Terrain / mask composition more powerful than ever!

Select between the different blend modes to compose your terrains or masks.
Use the full composition node and its manipulators to get the exact result you want to achieve. Choose to blend or not the color maps as well.
Discover the new blend modes available in these nodes:

Color map tiling

Create large color maps by tiling an input color map.


Optional input masks

Optional input masks are now supported by the following nodes:
Sum, Difference, Average, Blend (replaces the “Composition” node), and Full composition.

Consequently, the following nodes have been removed: Sum with mask, Difference with mask, Average with mask, Composition with mask, Full composition with mask.

Projects created before v1.10 will be automatically updated and saved for compatibility with these new nodes. This does not have any impact on the result.

Mask level node

A new feature to transform your masks: the Mask Level node lets you set the threshold for the black point and the white point.


Export all

The Export All icon has been added to the toolbar and also the File menu.
This action exports all the files in your graph.

Group parameters in your components

You can now organize your components parameters and group them.